Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 11: Something Unusual

adjective: unusual
  1. not habitually or commonly occurring or done.
    "the government has taken the unusual step of calling home its ambassador"

This is a tough one. 

My day to day life fits the bill for unusual to some extent. Every day something bizarre or unique happens. We have our structure but with 5 kids there are always "wrinkles" in the plan. The fact of having 5 children alone makes our family somewhat atypical to most standards of the American family. I am by far unusual in the sense that I don't know what it is like to feel done with having children. I hear all the time women knowing for a fact they are done. I still don't have it. In a way it stinks. To have some closure with our current finality of the V would be nice. But alas, I do not. 

I have always, even as a child, felt somewhat unusual with just my personality alone. I don't get why people are the way they are at times. I hate the way we are at times. I hate our humanity most of the time. Seriously I get into rather deep philosophical discussions in my mind about the rather complex nature of our human race. As a Christian it is hard to understand why God chose us in the first place. Anyways, my mind is complex, and very unusual. I can't even show a tip of the iceberg of how complex it can be. Sadly I keep it very basic and simple on here. It hits me the hardest at night when I am trying to sleep. Even as a child I had rather bad insomnia because of it. In some ways it is a very annoying trait to have. 

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