Tuesday, December 11, 2012


What a week! Friday was Heston's surgery for his hydrocele. Some have asked if this is a hernia type surgery, and the answer is "yes". We arrive at the requested time of 6:45 a.m. for a surgery that's scheduled at 8:45. Paperwork took all of 10 minutes. I still have no clue why they want you there so early. Now keep in mind this child is nursing and hasn't had anything to eat or drink since before midnight. It wasn't easy and he was rather fussy. So we go to pre op and talk with anesthesiologist and Heston gets all ready. Only, 8:45 comes and goes and I was already counting down to that exact moment. Finally we ask what's going on and they say the surgery in front of him is running long and it is looking to be more like 10:30! Say what!?! At this time we had just got him crashed out in a nap. We basically told them that if he wakes up screaming from hunger we are leaving. 10:30 comes and goes and nothing. He did indeed wake up but Steven quickly took him into the hall so he wouldn't be reaching to nurse. Finally at 11:15, they say he is ready. Good grief! The surgery itself lasted maybe 40 minutes. He woke up unhappy and couldn't be comforted for about 5 minutes. Then he started nursing and the world was all good. They let us go home right after he nursed. Thank goodness! He was lethargic for a few hours and mostly just laid on me all day long.

This particular weekend was stacked full of stuff to do on top of the surgery. Starting to resent December. That night we had out Sunday School Christmas party in Siloam Springs at Fratelli's. Kieran had a friend staying the weekend with her due to a family emergency so we actually had 5 kids this weekend. It wasn't any different honestly. Maybe even easier as Kieran was on her best behavior and the friend was a sweety. They had their own little pizza party at the church and Heston went with us. Boy did that boy eat!! After all said and done he started walking around. Boy acted like nothing was any different.

Saturday we get up early and head to Oklahoma for Kieran's and my niece's birthday party. It was super nice out and Heston was all over the place. I will make another post later with the pics from the party. I still need to get them off the camera. Sunday was our lazy day and also the day I started feeling off in my ear. Everything started sounding really loud. It had felt like fluid had been in it for a few days before but it wasn't really bothersome until now. Monday it got worse. And today I woke up at 4:30 unable to lift my head due to the worst case of vertigo I have ever had. The room was spinning if I moved at all. It got so bad I crawled to the bathroom just to throw up! It finally lightened up 30 minutes later. Of all days I also got a subpoena for court and couldn't stay in bed. Ugh! Stupid Murphy's Law. Mind you the only sick days I have taken off in a year were due to Heston going to the ER the night before. I go even when sick, but this worried me because I wasn't even sure I could drive. I wasn't even sure I could squeeze in a Doctor's visit. Luckily my 11:00 canceled and that gave me just enough time to go to the clinic and get diagnosed with an ear infection and be out in time for court.

Now I am home trying to get ready for bed and feeling like I will never feel better. Seems one sickness after the other has occurred in this home. We have definitely made our high deductible this year... sadly. I am so ready for Spring like temps. This winter is going to be brutal. I had to get my big coat out today. I didn't have to get it out at all last year. I hate the freaking cold! I am looking forward to this Friday. An actual day with nothing scheduled but just me and Heston doing the home mom thing.

BTW, officially 2 weeks until CHRISTMAS!!!!

Night ya'll!


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