Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

One of my favorite days of the year and this year is no different. We got back yesterday from our Branson family vacation. The kids had a blast at the indoor water park. I believe this was the first time I have swam in December. Steven and I were beat at the end. Him more so than I as I wasn't in the water as much due to trying to keep Heston out due to a cold. I am trying my hardest keeping him from getting another ear infection. I have been giving him zinc chewables and putting olive oil with garlic in his ears. So far it has been working and he is keeping an infection at bay and the cold just stays at the runny nose stage. We went sight seeing a bit, mostly to find some places for coffee and to get him to nap. Overall it was good vacation and the perfect amount of time.Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures at the waterpark.

Christmas today is going great. The kids got some good things and most importantly some great memories. Steven was actually able to surprise me this year with something I wasn't expecting. I knew I was getting a new camera as it was something that was needed, but he managed to hide a latte machine for me as well. As much as I spend in coffee's throughout the year I am sure it was an investment. So far I am loving it and the fact I can make my own gingerbread and pumpkin spice lattes. He also got me one of my all time favorite movies on Blue Ray. ALIENS! Yes I am a nerd and have had that movie memorized since I was 11. New scenes means awesomeness! BTW, no way would I ever let my kids watch what I watched as a child.

We are doing the typical Kitchens' style Christmas dinner, which is very non-traditional, i.e. lasagna and alfredo! Yum!

Here are some shots from our crazy house!

Kieran, on Christmas Eve, disappointed when I told her that I didn't get her what she wanted and that she needs to deal with disappointment. 

Gage reading his new coin book. 

Our tiny tree this year. Had to get something that we could keep out of Heston's reach.

Daddy sewing up Ryker's new build a bear dog!

Book from Santa.

Kieran opening up the gift she thought she wasn't getting. 

An American Girl doll. Yeah, I don't get it personally.

He's going to make great music.

Their all together big gift. Finally a basketball goal. Yeah we are a few years late on this one.



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