Monday, August 03, 2015

Shin recovery and back to school readiness prep

So this past week has been a stall in my training. After my last long run of 12+ miles on the 22nd I noticed an increase in my shin pain that wouldn't go away like normal. I was beginning to think it might be actual fractures. About the time I gave myself a date to go the Doctor they started feeling normal. Most of the week included mostly strength training and lots of walking. I did some gym time with a rower and step machine and even took a water running class that was really awesome. It got my heart rate up really good. A few nights ago I tried to run a couple of miles and my heel hurt, which is not a usual place of pain for me. I got really frustrated and wondered if my running was on the way out. I started putting physio tape on my legs and yesterday tried to run a decent run. I made sure I rolled them on my foam roller really good beforehand and miraculously I was able to feel normal. I almost cried the first mile... from happiness. I spit out 3.08 miles in less than 30 minutes and the walked with Steven for awhile. I ran another mile in 9 minutes 15 seconds and felt super happy about that. I have a 5k coming up this Saturday. I plan on just doing normal runs until then and no super long runs. 

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So August is here and with it comes school readiness. Gage starts back this Thursday to Haas Hall in Bentonville. We had to make some tweeks to his schedule as they had him in 2 sciences at the same time and no maths. All is fixed and he is ready to go. He has been training all summer with his cross country stuff and seems to be in top form there. Apparently there is several kids from his Junior High that was on the Cross Country team that will be going to Haas. I know this makes him super happy to know he will have friends there. The other two are still in the same school this year, so no big changes there. The littles will still be staying home with a nanny for part time while I work. I will be keeping the same hours I did last year. Tues-Fri morning and a couple of evenings. It's been an ideal schedule. 

My birthday is also this month as well as our 16th Anniversary. Steven calls it my Birthdaversary. Both being in August I never really get a chance to prepare for it. In hindsight I wish we would have married in June. September we are preparing for the older two boys birthdays but will have all of the boys party that month in one shot. Heston's is in October. It always seems the second half of the year goes by extremely fast because all of the birthdays and such are in that time. I am sure even more so this year when I include all my running stuff. Another sign that I have some insanity issues there. But apparently I don't like life being boring. And the things I do are healthy and legal. Both of which reduces stress. 

A good coping skill should have 4 components.
1. Good for you.
2. Good for others.
3. Easy to do.
4. Makes you feel good. 

My running fits into those categories when I am not injured. Does yours?

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