Saturday, August 08, 2015

Grape Festival 5k and Haas first day

Well 5k season has officially begun again in our house. Gage and I kicked it off at the Tontitown Grape Festival 5k this morning. This was my first official morning run and 5k. It took quite the adjustment for me. My goal was to run under 30 minutes and I did that with a few seconds to spare. I got 4th in my age division. Gage got 3rd but initially looked wrong and thought he got 7th. We went home and when Steven looked on RaceWizard he noticed Gage's error. This was 40 minutes later so we thought he lost out on his prize. They ran back up there and he got there just in time to get his wine glass.

The race itself was quite the challenge for me. I took off way too fast and was running just over a 6 minute pace until the first half mile. My app told me my pace and I freaked thinking I couldn't maintain and needed to slow it down big time. I admit because of that mistake I was challenged to keep going at times and wanted to walk at various points, but I didn't. Glad I didn't either, because I wouldn't have made my goal. 

.  .  .  .

Gage officially started high school this week at Haas Hall in Bentonville at their new campus. He said he liked it. I got to admit, he looked rather spiffy in his new uniform.

Next week Steven starts back. I only work 2.5 days because the littles babysitter is on vacation. I officially signed up for a 10k next month, so my training will have to be upped a bit. The distance isn't so much an issue but learning to pace and keeping my shins in check. They actually did good today. I couldn't have been happier. I just have to stop myself from racing out too fast. It's the sprinter in me coming out. But I am not running sprints. Oy!

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