Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Training update!

I have been horrible about updating my half marathon training, sorry about that. This past week, with the help of running on an indoor track (Bentonville Community Center), I ran 12+ miles. I am finally up to running 3 times a week, only one being a long run. I am also still doing my HIIT, regular strength training, and other exercises as usual. The running is in addition to the regular stuff I was doing before. I find that it actually helps to continue the other stuff and not just rely on the running. I started keeping a log a couple of months ago and I started running only 3 miles in May. It's hard to believe I have built up to 12 in 2 months. Especially considering I don't consider myself a long distance runner. There are 2 half marathon's in Fayetteville toward the end of the year. I am still debating on which I will run or if it will be both. Yes, I know, crazy to even consider that. 

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