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Family Vacation to Estes Park, 2015.

We got back last Wednesday. I miss the mountains already. I could easily live there, no doubt. I admit I was nonchalantly looking at office space while there. Steven told me not to even think about it. He wasn't a fan of the grocery or gas prices. The days were a perfect 75ish degree and the nights were in the 50's. Didn't even need air conditioning. We did have some issues finding dinner places that were easy to get to and not over crowded. We made a trip to Evans, CO for a family reunion of mine on Sunday. Just that short 1.5 hour trip down the mountains increased the temp to the 90's. I took a lot of pics. Here are some. Sorry not in the best order.

Heston and Ryker at the park near our cabin.

Family pic at the Stanley hotel or otherwise known as The Overlook Hotel in most recent Shining movie.

Our cabin or home for a few days. 

Beautiful view at my new Heaven on Earth. It was a coffee shop called Coffee on the Rocks and it literally was off the edge of the Big Thompson River and had a small pond with ducks and a big mountain with the Tram going up. I could only get a few shots. Wish I could have got the whole picture. It was breathtaking. We went there two day in a row. 

Near the park was a 1/2 mile running path that was just a few blocks from out cabin. Perfect spot for Gage and I to run. He got to try it out twice. I love this pic.

The deck on our cabin.

View from our deck. 

This was the second snake I almost ran over while running on that path. 

View from that running path.

Park pics

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

The new maze in front of the Stanley. 

The Stanley

Great shot in the heart of Estes.

I wasn't able to take many shots at the family reunion because of chasing the littles around a lot. This was just some of the kiddos there. 

Ridlee at the park.

Cool bunk beds in the cabin for Kieran and Ryker. 


More Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Heston enjoying the deck.

They loved the park. It looked really new too.

Ridlee tried to eat everything. 

This is the first time she actually liked a park swing.

One of the ponds off the running path taken while I was running. 

View from the Stanley.

At Coffee on the Rocks.

Gage inside the cabin when we first got there. 

Awesome pic of the Stanley I took while walking up to it. We were cheap and didn't want to pay to park in their parking lot. So we walked from the Safeway. Obviously not the first to do this as there was a path. 

Kieran in the maze at the Stanley.

On the steps of the Stanley.

Heston at the Coffee of the Rocks. He called it Heston park.

The Big Thompson river in the heart of Estes.

The river off the coffee shop.

My breakfast view at Coffee on the Rocks. Highly recommend this place if you get a chance to go to Estes. It has its own parking, which is a plus.

And this reason here is why I was exhausted while on vacation. This little girl tried to get into everything. She had a great time. Except in the car, but on the way home she rarely cried. Guess she was used to it by then. 

We will definitely be going back one of these days. May even try to stay in the same cabin. It worked really well for us. Would love to stay longer next time. It's so beautiful there. 

We stopped in Saline, KS on the way there and way back. The hotel was a perfect fit for us. 

The large lobby area was a fun place for kiddos. Ridlee would just run around and then lay on the floor for awhile. 

View of 400+ miles of ugliness while driving from Colorado to Kansas and vice versa.

Hotel fun.

We swam in the pool on the first night. Ridlee actually liked it. 

Heston never wanted to leave this area. 

This was the Quality Inn in Salina. I do recommend it if traveling that way. Good stop between Colorado and here. They also have suites for families. 

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