Monday, August 24, 2015

Soul on Fire

Each year I pick a song that has been my theme for that year. Some years I can't pick one until I am forced to do my yearly update at the end of the year. This year has consistently been Soul on Fire. It is the best running song (even brings me happy tears while running) and for other obvious reasons has been such a gift. Recently I have been dealing with some personal issues and this song has given me such peace during the situation. Since I am not one to beat around the bush I will say that my parents have made the decision after 35 years to divorce. Even as an adult this sucks. Yesterday was my 35th birthday. I will remember this year always as the year that my parents were no longer a couple. Trying to find the silver lining is often difficult. But I am managing with God's help. This song has been such a strength for me. It will be for you too!

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