Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dangerous little turds

Gage's school had their skateday today. So I take him because he has had to miss the previous 2 times. I don't wear my pads because I don't plan on going fast or crazy, but make sure Gage wears his. We weren't out there 5 minutes before my feet were knocked out from under me by 2 little girls obviously trying to bowl humans. My ankle gave way, luckily I have pretty strong ankles, but I had to bite my tongue not to snap at them. I did let out a "please be careful" though. The rest of the night was like dodging bullets from all directions. Steven said it was good to practice for derby. I replied that it was not, as normally I would be going back at them trying to hit them back. The poor skating ref guy had a hard time corraling them. He was blowing his whistle and telling kids to turn around all night. And I can't believe how tough kids are, they were falling all over the place without pads and not steady falls either. Legs were up in the air and arms were waving all over the place. Made me realize we rollergirls are nothing compared to these tough hombres. But gosh they sure need to practice some self control.

My ankle is ok, just a bit sore, but I still couldn't help but see the irony in having to tell my story had I been badly injured. I am used to getting knocked around by grown women but it takes 2 3rd graders 5 minutes to have me begging for mercy.

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