Friday, February 15, 2008

Mangled Mess

I guess in most cases when I don't blog for awhile the assumption is that I don't have much to say, in this case my reason is because too much has gone on or is going on the thought of a blog is somewhat intimidating. I feel like I have been in a constant battle of trying to refrain from getting sick. I am constantly taking immunity fighting herbs and meds, several of which cause me side effects which make me stop taking them. I think my fight is up though, I am feeling somewhat light headed today and just not "right". My small cold like cough continues but seems worse today. As far as what it is I might have, who knows, there is too much crap going around, and I have utterly cursed this winter until I have no curse left. Is it me or is this year beyond bad? Gage got over strep a little over a week ago. Ryker has had a cold for 2 weeks straight and the last few days has spiked a dangerously high fever. Found out today he has a double ear infection. His first ear infection since he was born. And then Gage has to come home early from school with a stomach flu. I am thinking my lightheadedness may be the first sign of this, plus this strange heartburn I have.

Well enough about the rugged sicknesses, I am sick of hearing about them...

This past weekend was our trip to Dallas for our first season bout. The trip itself was not that bad. Arriving there was another story. Steven and I broke down in the terrible traffic jam that engulfed much of the area we were staying at. Steven had to push the car out of the traffic, until it cooled down enough to start again. It overheated. Apparently a safety feature of the car. Then we get lost trying to get to the place where the league was meeting to eat. We arrive an hour and a half late, just when everyone else is leaving. Honestly surprised they were there that long. So we eat in a rush and head over to the rink. Luckily not getting lost then. I will not go into every sordid details of the bouts. Both our teams lost by a large amount, but more importantly we learned things and kept our heads held high. I definitely have to give it to my Betties, we had several newbies with only 1 month of training and OMG you would never have known it. This was also my first game jamming, which was a blast, even though I got tossed around like a abused rag doll. Good news is I did get up everytime and left with only a few bruises that I didn't feel until the next day. I even had the energy to go shake my bootie at the bowling alley after party. Received a nice blood blister on my toe because of that as well. The next day Steven and I slept in and then went and ate at Chedders then drove to my sisters at Atoka, OK. Then to my parents to pick up the kids. We left Texas where it was almost 70 degrees and arrived in Arkansas that night to a Winter Storm advisory. I really hate Winter!!

This week I managed to complete my application for my licensure exams, and what a pain in the butt that was. I can't imagine the tests being that difficult. Now just waiting to hear back on that. Less than 3 months to graduation, and nervous anticipation is somewhat seeping in. I suppose that is normal. At least I hope it is.

On a another more positive note, we have finally completed the 1023 form for the non-profit status of Fight the Blaze. Been working on it since 2005, and had the legal clinic at the U of A working with us for the last 4 semesters. A very long process if I must say. But now we are officially waiting to hear back on that,
which according the IRS site takes 10 weeks at least. I guess we have waited this long, won't hurt us to wait longer.

Well, I told you this was a mangled mess, my apologies if you made it this far. Feels like I'm forgetting something, so you are lucky. But I am done now, you can go back to your Starbucks and bon bons.

For your enjoyment some pics from the bout.

Both teams...


The Betties...


Me jamming...






And one of my flying incidents...



Melissa said...

We have been hit hard here also. Two of my kids w/ ear infections, one a double. Can't wait for Spring. It looks like you have a blast with roller derby, but it also looks painful! LOL

Amie said...

Hope your feeling better soon, I can't imagine doing that roller derby if your not feeling 100%.