Monday, February 18, 2008


I once again have bronchitis. What started out as a small cold turned into this crap overnight about 4 days ago. I just got over this in December. Ever since I first had it while pregnant with Kieran, I have gotten it yearly. I blame the stupid Indian Hospital in Talequah! I had it for 3 months!! Went up there I don't know how many times and each time they told me it was viral and only gave me cough syrup. I mean come on viral bronchitis does not last no 3 months. It isn't supposed to last 10 days. So every time I get even a smidge of a cold it shows it's ugly head again. It is very unnerving. I do not smoke, never have, yet I have more lung issues that most who do. With this luck I will be one of those lucky people who lung cancer who have never smoked in their life.

So anyways I spend all day at the Doctors only to wait over 2 hours for my prescriptions. Again, I hate freaking Winter!! This time I didn't waste my time going to the Doctor. I have a bout in Stillwater this Sunday and hopefully this crap will be gone by then.

Something tells me this Spring is going to be outrageous! Bad thunderstorms, terrible tornadoes similar to the one in OKC in '99 I believe. God I hope I am wrong, but this weather is just really crappy!

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