Friday, October 01, 2010

Ah those times when everything seems to slow down...

But not in a good way. I officially have 2 weeks left until I only have 1 job. Good news is I have a renewed energy at Vh because I know there is an end in site. The added pep in my step is helping with my efficiency, however today was somewhat of a nightmare. I was scatterbrained and left some paperwork at home this morning that I needed specifically for a noon appointment, therefore had to scurry around and make a trip home to get them all the while trying to squeeze all my Friday work in before noon. I calmed myself down later by taking Ryker to the park on our way home. Good thing to considering the traffic at only 4:30 p.m. was ridiculous due to motorcycle accidents backing up traffic. One of the downsides of Bikes Blues and BBQ.

As for the taste of my new job, I love it. It is definitely my style. I am starting to realize though while I will be working less, most of my hours will probably be in the evenings after kids come home from school. In the summers it will be really nice though.

Right now I am getting my insanity workouts done far later than I prefer but I am getting them done. I will be entering week 5 recovery week in a day or so, and I am looking forward to that.

Another side note, I ordered my dress for the derby ball. I am going short this year. Last ball's dress can't be outdone but it was huge and hard to maneuver. I also want to be able to dance in it with out it dragging. Ironically the ball is the day after my last day at Vh.

Yay, for October!

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