Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mind, body, and spirit...

This weekend has been absolutely amazing! Thursday I left with the women of our church to the Ft. Smith Lake for our first annual women's retreat. The lodge we stayed in was absolutely amazing. I took some pics with my phone and will hopefully have them posted on here soon. The lodge was able to sleep 32 and we had around 20. I even had my own private sleeping room. The weather was gorgeous! We ate outside with most of our meals. We stayed pretty busy the whole time and had lots to do from 8 a.m. until I conked around midnight both nights. We laughed a lot and got to grow closer to one another as well as with God. Friday during our down time I was going to do an Insanity workout with 2 of the other ladies but couldn't get it to work so we decided to go hiking instead. I took off before the others and got to spend some great time outdoors. I followed a trail which lead me to the top of the bluff over the mountain which had a breathtaking view of the lake and park. The others later met me up there and we just lounged around. Couldn't have asked for better weather. Later we did a picture scavenger hunt that was probably the funnest and funniest one I have ever done. There was so much more but there is no way I can list them all. We did decide to do it again next year same time. I can't wait. I told my sister she is coming with me.

We got home on Saturday and I was beyond exhausted! I took a long nap and my sister and her hubby later came for the night. I stayed up late again watching Letters to God, which is an amazing movie but will make you cry definitely. I took another long nap after my sister left today after lunch. Finished my Insanity workout and now I am just relaxing. I am not dreading tomorrow like I usually do when Mondays are right around the corner. I am sure much has to do with the fact that this next week is my last week at Vista. Of course I am nervous about my new job, but I have also already started it so I know what to expect. I will just be adding 2-3 more families to it. I am sure it will be fine and still much less stress than what I have been doing for the past 2+ years.

ahhhhhhh...... (relaxing sigh)

Yay for 10/10/10!

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