Sunday, August 03, 2014

Nearing that time again...

I just read and article about back to school and it equated this time as a parent's Independence day. Even as a mother of 5, I do not feel this way, nor will I ever. The first day of school to me is as daunting as a looming incarceration date (well at least to what I can imagine, never been incarcerated...knock on wood!). There are several reasons for this...

1. Our kids go to school in another district 15-20 minutes away, due to where my husband teaches. This means that there is no bus route for them available and Steven and I have to share car pooling detail. And this also equates to very early rise schedules and I love sleep a lot more than most people.

2. Somewhat included with number 1, all of our older 3 go to 3 different schools all on staggered schedules. Meaning we have to finagle dropping them off and picking them up in a way that is indicative of an art form. Child number 4 goes to a preK but can be dropped off and picked up at non-specific times.

3. I get spoiled in the summers having my husband home. I love coming home from work and having my family here. I know the kids are well cared for and I don't worry about what's happening in their day. My work schedule is very flexible, which I love. Ridlee will be staying with a nanny/babysitter while I work so I can be with her pretty much anytime I am not working. And it will be in our home. I still worry about her though because with Steven if she doesn't sleep or gets fussy, he is usually the second best (me being first) to get her happy. I worry a babysitter can get worn out with her. Note: our babysitter is wonderful, no reason to complain. This is just an inside worry of mine generally.

4. I just worry. While schools are generally safe and I have no specific complaints of where my children attend, I cannot help but worry about health, safety, and general environment. Honestly I would homeschool in a heart beat if my kids weren't already heavily involved in stuff in their schools. Gage is diving huge into cross country and would be devastated if he couldn't do that.

So come August 18th I just grin and bare it and drive them to their destinations. I cringe inside the moment they get out of the car. I think about them throughout my days. I enjoy every day off from school they get and secretly wish for snow days, but regret them when summer comes around and is exceedingly short. This summer went by far too fast, but I knew it would.

I really don't know how parents sent their kids off to school to live for months and months back when. They grow up too fast as it is. I guess this is just maybe one of those things that make me rather "different".

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