Sunday, July 20, 2014

Almost afraid to jinx it...

If every summer was like this one, I would absolutely consider it my favorite season. 70's in July... I will not complain! Gage went to church camp last week and I was so envious because I never went to camp when it was this nice. 

Gage and Kieran just went to a swimming party for the first time this summer and I even wonder if it's hot enough to get in the cold water. It's freaking July!! And August is right around the corner. Which means my birthday and my 15th Anniversary. 34 and 15! That's crazy, I don't feel that old. 

I haven't update on my weight loss in awhile but it is still coming along. I have officially lost all baby weight plus 2 pounds which makes 18 pounds total since I evened out after baby was born. I gained quite a bit more that that. I am still going though. So far it's not been extremely painful on WW while nursing. Plus I have been getting a lot of exercise points each week. I don't remember the last time I didn't feel sore from something. This week I started back with the Insanity. Not doing the program, just incorporating them occasionally with my other stuff. 

Tomorrow the fam and I are heading off to Alva, AR to A-Z to do some shopping. We try to go once a year. Hoping it doesn't get hot all the sudden. 

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