Sunday, September 16, 2012

Taking the plunge...

We have decided to take the plunge of purchasing a home. Yes, we have been married over 13 years and have rented the whole time. The first half was mostly because we had no idea where we were going to end up. Now that we have planted some pretty deep roots in NWA we decided now is a good time. I admit that the idea has also been rather daunting to me because I hear its quite the process. I also hate moving. I told myself when we moved into this place over 4 years ago that if I moved again it would be because we bought a house. Well I am tired of not having freedom to do with the house what I want. A month or so ago we had issues with the stove and it was pulling teeth trying to come to an agreement with the leasing agency about replacing it. Basically it came down to me threatening the BBB and Rental Protection Agency if they didnt quit trying to screw us over. They were trying to charge us $75 for putting in a part that Steven could have done in 5 minutes.  Sadly when I threatened with the above they all the sudden offered a brand new stove if we would just cover half of it. Yeah, I realized then I want a house of my own.
So our lease is up in about 8 months and yes, I am looking already and have a realtor that came highly recommended. I am going crazy watching HGTV and trying to decide if we want a fixer upper or move in ready. This process should be interesting.
Ill keep ya posted!

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