Sunday, September 23, 2012

Goodbye Heather

I lost a good friend this week. And to all things a heart attack at 29. No, she didnt do drugs or anything like that. She worked extremely hard at everything she ever did. We went to JBU (grad school) together. After graduation she and I had monthly dinner dates, switching places each month. One month she would chose, the next I would. We had quite the mix of places on our list. Many of which I only ate at one time with her. Now all those places are even more special in my heart and I will think of her each time I pass one. Unfortunately when she switched jobs to an even more demanding job our dates went on hiatus. We kept keeping a rain check for it, but they never happened. I hate that. We never realize that sometimes you cant cash in those rain checks.

I will miss you terribly Heather. L

Photo of Heather Coleman

Love ya,


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