Monday, January 02, 2012


...I go back to my regular programming schedule. Ryker and Heston will be in a new daycare/preschool closer to where Steven and I work. I am not worried about Ryker but leaving Heston so young killing me. Gage got sick when he went to daycare at 3 months old. And he was only there while I went to school. I swear he had RSV. He was on albuterol and it was awful. I worry about everything from that, to him not being held enough, fed enough, left to cry, will he sleep, will they do his cloth diapers right, etc. It sucks. Luckily he will be the only little baby there. There are about 4 in his room up to 18 months and most are walking already. Ryker's room is right next to him and he can look in there anytime, which is comforting. Both Kieran and Ryker didn't go at this age. I really wish I didn't have to send him. Again, it sucks. Oh well, don't have a choice, and I am thankful that it is only 3 days part time. Could be worse and be full time.

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