Tuesday, November 23, 2010

28 things

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1. When I was 12 years old I was shot in the foot with an arrow by one of my brothers friends. Went all the way through and I ended up having surgery and missed out on Halloween that year because I was in the hospital. To this day I somewhat cringe when someone mentions shooting arrows but I don't fear them and could probably learn to shoot them if I wanted.

2. I am extremely introverted. Every personality test I am on the extreme end of it. Many people do not know this because I overcome it after awhile. But yes people drain me after awhile. Husband is the extrovert.

3. I get along better with guys and always have. They are more honest to your face. I do appreciate the females that are this way as well.

4. I am good at reading people but have been told I am hard to read. You can thank my awesome wall for that. It's great at letting few in.

5. I don't really care for shopping, unless you count online. Must be that introvert thing again.

6. I have been a Christian since I was 6 years old. Most people confuse me with being Religious. I am spiritual. There is a difference.

7. I have an inventors mind. I have several inventions in there. Some I think are pretty awesome and could save lives. My Mother even agrees. Sadly I haven't the money to get them patented and going.

8. I met my husband in high school, but knew his Mother from Junior high from a church camp I went to.

9. I abhor alcohol... the smell, the taste, yuck. Haven't drank a drop in 5 years. Pretty sure I never really liked it.

10. My parents have worked for the same liquor company for over 20 something years.

11. I am artsy. I love to paint and do stuff with chalk. I used to draw a lot when I was younger. Used to want to be an artist before I realized there is not much future for the majority of them.

12. I love children and I have never felt "done" nor will I ever. I suffer from Duggaritis but my husband and body limit me.

13. When I was young I didn't think I wanted children.

14. I rarely ever studied for tests or took any homework home before college. Apparently I didn't "apply" myself and didn't realize my potential until College. Sorry Mom.

15. I am very competitive with myself. If I set my mind to something it will get done if I have the tools to do it.

16. I have a huge appetite and always have, usually only 1 big meal a day though, the rest are small. I was the kid who would eat everyone's pizza at lunch if they would let me. It's also the reason that I work out a lot.

17. I hate watching sports on TV. Football, basketball, or what not. Live is fun. But I am also the type to rather be out there playing than watch from a box and yell at it like I could do better if I were out there. I would rather like to see if I could.

18. I once played on a mostly all boy pee wee baseball team and out ran them all one at a time. I would have loved to play football.

19. I hate rudeness and disrespect. Pet peeves 1 and 2. It is not an honest trait and is actually a lack of a social skill people.

20. I can block out noise so much as I don't hear "ssshhhhh" then I flip.

21. It takes a lot to make me angry, but I have a bad temper the rare times I get mad.

22. I used to have a hard time saying "No". I use it a lot now and it's freeing.

23. Don't ever try to scare me. My instincts are set on fight mode. My husband learned this the hard way.

24. I am very organized and somewhat OCD. Gets worse as I get older. I give up around my home and family though. They balance me with their constant disorganization and messiness.

25. I like being early and feel anxious even if I am 5 minutes late to something.

26. I am legally blind in one eye.

27. I like foreign horror films.

28. I have a very vivid imagination, had it since I was little. It's how I treated my insomnia.

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