Saturday, November 06, 2010

Trying not to jinx myself!

Yesterday I went and got my last check from Vista. This was my saved up days off check. The main reason I gave a months notice was so that I could get these. So how is my new job going? So far pretty darn good. I drive a lot. Much like when I worked at DHS. But I get paid for it so I am not complaining. My day usually consists of doing two families. One in the morning and then one either in the afternoon or evening. I am in the homes for 2-3 hours at a time. I also go and visit some kids in their schools. I don't have to get up so early and that is an added bonus. I work Monday - Thursday and I am able to pick Gage and Kieran up from school 3 days a week. And as far as the actual therapy I love it! I think this is my style from start to finish. My only fear is I don't jinx myself. I hate taking things for granted because they can so easily be taken away, but it would be nice if I can relax a little about this.

I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. Which also means Kieran's birthday is even closer. She and her cousin Zoe will be having a combined Monkey Party since they are both turning 7. Kieran on Dec. 3, and Zoe, I think Nov. 7?? The party will be Saturday the 27th and we are going to have it in Oklahoma this year at my Mother in Laws. Thinking I may actually do the shopping today to give me something to do, otherwise today is going to be a total lazy day. Steven went on the Men's "retreat" last night and today and they spent a great deal of time shooting guns. Now he is home and conked out on the chair. From what he said it was pretty chilly so I am not feeling like I missed out on anything. Not a big fan of the cold. Therefore, I am also not looking forward to the winter, although they said it is supposed to be a mild one this year. That could be good and bad. Ice storms occur when it's mild. So just a head's up.

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