Sunday, November 21, 2010

I did it!

Well one day away anyway. Tomorrow will be the last day for the Insanity program. This week has been killer. I will still do the workouts here and there and mix them up with the dozens of other workouts I have, but I am not doing the program straight through, at least not for awhile. It definitely is good for defining. I have this line down my abs that I am not sure if I have ever had. Steven told me I am not allowed to get a 6 pack, he says it just doesn't look right on a female. I will work on the 4 pack then, lol. Also liking my arms and legs right now. I am not about to stop for the holidays either and risk starting all over. As it is right now I feel guilty if I miss a workout. Another milestone is I can do more push ups in a minute than I was able to do when I went to the NAVY. Up to 54 with a pause or two in there, and yes these are not with knees. As far as weight, I quit using my scale a long time ago. When you do a program like this you will gain muscle which weighs more than fat. I have lost inches though, particularly in my stomach, back, butt, hips, and legs. May have actually gained some in my arms and calves, not complaining there. For the first time in like forever my shins don't kill me. They sometimes get sore but are quick to recover. Overall, I am pleased with my progress and not even close to thinking about letting up.

On another note, Happy Birthday Mom!

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