Sunday, September 14, 2008

Smell the roses...

Trying to anyways...

St. Louis trip was this weekend. We lost. Another sport court fiasco similar to that in Houston. Slick but not quite as slick or maybe it was my imagination. Toe starts were fumbled and corners were a bit slow. I knew coming into this bout that aggressiveness was going to be needed as I heard the Arch Rival Girls held a good defensive wall. I managed to break through with some penalties but it was far from easy and most of the time done in vain as the jam would be called off right before I got to the pack to score. It was my second to last jam of the night when my nose got elbowed by Dis Missle as I came up from behind for an assist. It took a second to realize I just got punched. Never been punched before, and especially in the face. Luckily I didn't fall down. Instead I clinched my fists and yelled like, (as quoted from Mack Data) "the Incredible Hulk." I felt as pissed off as the hulk so I am not surprised. I skated a stride or two before I realized I could keep going and pushed it continuing to check for blood so I didn't get in trouble. I made it through that jam and another a few later, but after that I was done.

I am sure I didn't make the best overall nice impression to the St. Louis girls as the rest of the night I was mostly a cranky bitty, even yelling at people to shut the door of the dressing room. After a bit of ice, ibuprofen, aleve, and fiddling around with my nose I wanted to try dancing as it was torture not to dance when everyone else was. So I get out there and dance for maybe 1 minute before I get nailed by Ms. Bloody is the same dang spot on my nose. I immediately grabbed it thought to myself the irony of it all. The rest of the night I mainly sat on the side watching. I did get brave enough to dance again and actually made it through a song or two, but I didn't want to push my luck so I went and sat out again. When we got back to the hotel I showered up and went to bed as everyone else partied in another room. I felt like a stick in the mud, especially considering this was supposed to be the last league game of the season (besides a recently added one to Minnesota next month for the Killbillies). Alas, I had succumbed.

Today I woke up to an alienish swelled nose, plus a much harder ability to breathe through the nostrils. And with that included the job of my eyes growing more black by the day. Hopefully I get a chance to go to the Dr. in the next couple of days to see if it needs to be put back into place. Although I am not looking forward to that if it's needed.

I guess, I will end this post with pics as well as apologies to those I may have been mean towards last night. I know I was a bitch.

First pic, taken soon after bout, showing a little crookedness.


Side view, with bigger than normal bump.


And today's image of beauty even with foundation trying to cover the blackness of the eyes.


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