Thursday, September 04, 2008

A change is brewin'

September is here and with it comes an early Fall. Fine by me, I love fall. The temps suit me nicely. Even in the midst of all this rain I got some good news this week. I finally got my counseling license and with it comes a huge sigh of relief. I cannot say how many hoops I had to jump through this summer to get that dang thing. It's weird but when a goal that you have been working on for so many years is finally reached it's almost a surreal feeling mixed with a "now what?". In my adult life I have become very driven and goal oriented and that is not going anywhere anytime soon. I always have to have some goal that needs working on, usually more than one going at a time. This year has brought several goals to closure. I am running on low for goals now. While reaching all my goals have definitely opened the door for opportunities and longer roads, I feel the need to have some small minor goals reached before the end of the year. My subject is my personal self. I actually started it several weeks ago, but I am doing some tweeking here and there. So don't be surprised if you see me one day and I am significantly different than the day before. No details yet, but I will say I am being brave with it. I make no apologies for them either. Sometimes the only reason for change is not necessarily improvement but changing in general. I have gotten into a slump and the same ol' tends to be rather boring to me... overtime.

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