Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall fun with the youngins plus updates, etc.

Loving this beautiful fall weather! Will be sad to see it go. 

And some updates...

My oldest ran his last cross country race of the season this past Tuesday. It was conference and he got to move up to the Freshman team, which was a great honor for an 8th grader. He ran 2 miles in 11 minutes 50 seconds. One of his best of the season. This next Saturday he will be running 7 miles in a race he just wanted to do for fun. Yeah that boy is crazy! He is also trying to gear up for Track next semester. He wants to beat the school record for the mile run. 

We are all gearing up for Halloween as usual but I am struggling to find time to finish everything for costumes and Heston's birthday on Friday. I am also helping Ryker's teacher set up for the party that day at his school. And with evening clients in addition I have no clue when I will get Heston's dirt cupcakes made. Sounds like I will have a late night tomorrow. 

I have set a date for Kieran and Zoe's (niece) birthday party the last part of November. We are doing a vintage them this year and have decided to forgo cake and have various types of pies. This was Kieran's idea after I was having a hard time finding someone to do the cake on Black Friday. Yeah poor planning in that regard. But the pie idea was genius!

Ryker has been chosen for Gifted and Talented and will be going to the same TREC center that Kieran goes to. His day is different than her's though so they will not be seeing each other. He was very excited to get picked!

And for another huge update... Ridlee took her first steps on 10/27! I swear she just started crawling the other day. I was sure she would be more in the 10 month range, but nope she followed in her sister's, Heston's, and Ryker's foot steps and did it at 9. Actually Ryker was at 8 months, that kid was a beast!

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