Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Family that shares together...

You know what they sat about sharing and staying together. Last week Heston came down with a fever (Saturday before last). After two back to back trips to two different clinics, he was diagnosed with strep and ear infections. One in Springdale wouldn't even look at him and said it was viral. Yeah, no! 2 days later, Ridlee gets the fever. Take her and and one ear infection and probable strep as well. I come down with fever the next morning and go in immediately. Caught mine early. Ryker came down late Friday while grocery shopping. Clinics were closed so we drove to Talequah to the Indian hospital. They took his seriously as he has a tendency to get it bad. Within a couple of hours he went from normal to 103. We were in and out in an hour. So as of now we are all on the mend. Steven was already on antibiotics for a pulled tooth so he was unscathed. Crossing my fingers and praying it stays away. I hate weeks like this. Big families suffer when one gets sick. 
Sunday Ridlee and I went to the annual Women's Retreat at Lake Ft. Smith with the ladies from our church. It was the first time babies came and there were three there. It was rainy but nice. We had to come back Sunday night because I had to take the kids to school Monday morning. Then we drove back for the day. I always look forward to going. I think this is my 5th or 6th year to go. 
Here she is crawling around. That concrete floor made me so nervous. She is into everything now. Already trying to stand on her own. Slow down already. 
And some shots from this week.

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