Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chore Monster! Loving it!

I heard about this app the other day. I don't have an iPhone but I looked into it on my pc. I made an account for my 4 older children. While it says ages 4-12, I have my 2 year old and 13 year old set up on it. Gage has it on his phone. I love that I customize each of their chores and rewards. Heston's are small... pick up toys, brush teeth, and earn a small treat. Gage is working towards coin credits. He actually collects coins so this is awesome for him. Ryker and Kieran love that they earn tickets to spin for monsters. Kieran even got a giggle out of earning a can of farts. Yes, you read that right. They are both working towards Beanie boo's.

If you are having issues with motivation with your kiddos and chores, I highly recommend this site. Big plus is it's FREE!!!

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