Friday, November 22, 2013

Speeding right through!

Hard to believe we are in the home stretch with Lil' Miss about to make her entrance. I admit I am not sure if I am all that ready, and then at times I want her out now! This week at my midwife appointment I realized the next appointment will be the home visit. I had to immediately go and purchase my home birth kit. I also need to schedule to have my final risk assessment with my APN. I am not concerned I won't pass, everything has been going fairly smoothly (knock on wood). Next Monday I will be 34 weeks. Most of the kiddos have come in the 38th week, although Kieran (the only girl) was only 1 day early. So with this one being a girl as well it's hard to gauge when she will come. Could be this year or next. No really, either end of December or early January.

We still have a few things to do to get ready, including setting up play pen (mostly for changing table purposes as she will sleep with me), and wash all the cloth diapers. We really haven't purchased much at all this one. We need to go through all of Kieran's old clothes as well as the boys and get the gender neutral stuff out to wash. Most of the stuff required to do would only take a few days, but we have put it off. I have been semi horrible at belly pics this go. But I do manage an occasional selfie.

At 30 weeks!

Off the pregnancy front and another reason I have been distracted. The girls party is next Saturday and I still have some loose ends to tie up, like ordering the cake.

Kieran and Zoe's birthday invite I made this year! We are doing an owl/cherry blossom theme!

 Steven has been awesome and has done about 98% of the Christmas shopping already, so that is one huge thing I do not have to worry about. He is currently out grocery shopping so I don't have to get out in the cold wetness that I abhor. His reward is getting to go see Catching Fire later. 

Work continues to go well. I actually had to put a pause on accepting new referrals as I was actually starting to get overwhelmed with having several in a few days time. My fear is I would start them and not be able to see them for awhile once the baby was born. So I just put a pause on accepting new ones until after she is here. I am still seeing all of my others. I added them up the other day and I have a total of 26! That's craziness. It's about an equal mix of privates and contracts right now, which is a nice mix. 

Generally, despite it being the crazy holiday season and a baby is right around the corner, things have been going fairly well and smoothly. Knock on wood again! Prayers are still always welcome!

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