Sunday, November 03, 2013

Never fails!

This pregnancy was going relatively smoothly for the most part. I was so looking forward to this weekend for restful purposes. Work has been pretty steady and good so I am not going to complain that I actually have a job that I love and enjoy, despite being tired a lot. Friday came and my printer went out so I had Steven buy a good one. I loved it so much that I went ahead and did all my monthly reports and billing that night. I was planning on doing it today as it usually takes 5-6 hours. Luckily this printer and scanner took off 2/3 of the time, which is awesome. Oh and we paid almost $100 less on it as it was on sale. I finished at 11:30. Steven had left a couple hours earlier to go work with his dad in Oklahoma on Saturday.

Onto Saturday...

Got a little more sleep than previous days. When I got up and about I noticed a pain... a nagging stabbing like pain in my bladder area. I have felt it before in previous pregnancies and thought maybe I was dehydrated so I started on the water uptake. It got worse and I realized that I was going to have to give in and go to Talequah to the Indian hospital. Only thing was Steven wasn't due back for a few hours. I finally broke down and called a lady from our church that has helped watch the kids a few times and the kids adore her (she even kept the older three over night). She promptly came over and I got to go rather quickly.  Steven was able to meet me a few minutes after I got there. (Talequah is about halfway between where we live and where he was). He was actually the one to mention it might be a kidney stone. I have had them before but they have always hurt my back terribly. This one was only in the bladder area. So when I get there they immediately send me to Labor and Delivery, despite me telling them it's not contractions, I have done this a few times.

I guess it's a good thing they did though because they were able to get me going a lot faster than the ER would. I got changed and strapped into bed and gave urine sample and the waiting started. I hate those stupid monitors. And little Miss didn't like them either. Her heartbeat shot through the roof and she felt like she was trying to climb out of me. The Doctor made a big thing about 2 small contractions I had during that time, until I told him I have Braxton Hicks a lot. He checked and sure enough, no dilation. Good to know. I wasn't in labor. But I was pretty sure of that already. Urine culture came back no infection but some blood. Doctor felt that it was a kidney stone and really nothing they could do and to continue drinking lots of water.

Total time there was just over an hour, which is probably the shortest time I have ever went for anything. What sucked the most was that I could barely urinate at all. I was drinking all this water and barely any was coming out. Whatever was in there was blocking it. I was up and down all night. Maybe got 1.5 hours of sleep at one point. Today, same pain. So different than previous stones where I was able to pass within a day. I started with lots of water but added lemon juice and cranberry and literally within a couple of hours I passed the dang thing. Scared the crap out of me. Strangely it was bigger that ones I have passed in the past that hurt my back for hours. Still not sure why this one didn't, but I am only going to thank God that it didn't because that pain is not fun.

So now I feel back to my old self but the weekend was bust. I did get my work finished, thank goodness for not waiting until the last minute or it would have had to wait until later in the week. So to celebrate I baked a chocolate caramel poke cake. My first and it's glorious!

Hoping for a smoother end of pregnancy now. I hate freaking kidney stones.

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