Saturday, May 04, 2013

Ramblin' on!

This week has been a good week overall. I am enjoying work and getting back into the groove of just doing my own thing with my own clients. It's nice. Wednesday I finally got to go enjoy my Valentine's Day present. Steven took me to the Fleetwood Mac concert in Tulsa. I thought we were going to be late because our babysitter got off late at her other job. We got to our seats a few minutes after 8:00 and they started playing at 8:15. They played for nearly 3 hours and rocked it!! Hard to believe they are as old as they are. It was a good time. Even though it is checked off my bucket list now I still would love to see them again. I told my mom hopefully next time they come I can go with her. It would be her third time to see them. She saw them back in the 80's. So jealous! Thursday I only saw one client and Steven took the day off. We went to Shogun's for lunch and got to take a mostly mental health day.

We have continued to move slowly and gosh it feels like I will never get it done. We have so much crap. At this point I just want to wipe my hands of about 85% of it. I went through my bathroom cabinets today and ended up throwing away a huge 18 gallon back of crap I have collected over the past few years. I realize I have a slight tendency to hoard. "There is still some lotion in here, I might use it someday." But luckily it isn't that bad because I purged all of it today.

Next week I have a mother's day thing at Ryker's class and will eat lunch with him and then Kieran. I took the day off and will maybe go get a massage or something. Haven't decided yet. Thursday I have a training. Nice change from the mundane. I told myself I am in control of my schedule so I need to fit more days in of things that I need and not just work. Granted I don't get paid for these days, but it is still a benefit of working for myself. I don't ever want to go back to working for an large agency unless it's contract based.

Kieran and Gage are signed up for church camp. This will be Kieran's first year to go. This is the church camp I grew up going to in Oklahoma. It's literally in the sticks and it was always a blast. I know they will have a good time, but I would be lying if I said I am not nervous for Kieran. She didn't grow up in the woods like myself and doesn't know certain aspects of it. I told her never to be without an adult.

Overall, life if going really good right now. I am happy about other things as well, but will post about them later.

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