Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A post to the Mothers in waiting and loss...

Every so many years I post this and still to this day I tear up every time I watch it. I am not a "cryer" and can literally go almost a year without crying. But this is one of my "triggers" if I should call it. Being a therapist I can't help but utilize therapeutic terms for myself.

I always think of the Mothers in waiting or the Mothers of loss on Mothers day. I think many forget that there are many out there that Mothers day is a painful one for this reason. As well as those who have lost Mothers.

Many people will joke with me about my love for children and my "broken" brain that can't feel done with kids. I've been doing more and more thinking on this and lately I feel I may not be the one whose broken, but it's society that has implied that one can have too many children. I literally get angry at the comments towards the Duggar's that some people make. A family that has loved every child they have had (as well as the ones that have passed) and who have taken care of each and every one without the aide of the government. Yet, many feel free to bash them for the sheer number of children. Is it for everyone? No. But why do we choose to bash, good, loving parents?

Maybe I am broken, who knows.

Anyways, here to the Mothers in waiting and the Mothers of loss.

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