Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My summer bucket list!

Why not?

1. Finally get my LPC. Sending in my stuff this week.
2. Get my first manicure and pedicure. Yes, I have never had one done in a salon or by anyone besides myself.
3. Finally decide on a hair style and get a cut, nothing short but somewhat of a change to go along with a much needed trim.
4. Lose 10 pounds. Lost 12 so far since trying.
5. Take at least one overnight trip with the family somewhere. Sadly this will be the hardest thing to accomplish.
6. Survive sending Gage to his first church camp. The same one I went to as a kid. Ok, I take it back this will be the hardest. He is 11 but has not been away from me for over 48 hours.
7. Read my other 2 Frank Peretti Books in his Darkness series as well as the final 2 books of the Hunger Games.
8. Have a great summer.

Note these are not typical summer accomplishments! :)


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