Friday, February 04, 2011


It's day 4 of what they are referring to as the snowpocalypse. Not a fan of the word, but ey. But guess what, it is still snowing big fat flakes and will continue to do so until tonight. I have not left the house since Monday and probably won't tomorrow either. Hopefully some of this melts tomorrow as it is supposed to get to 37. It's a sad day when you look to above freezing temps of only 37. The kids are of course having fun. I haven't heard the word bored come from any of their mouths. Steven has been reading The Stand by Stephen King so he is good. Me on the other hand has been spending my time surfing the web, watching movies, working out, and reading the Bible. This year I committed to myself reading it straight through. I have this 'read it through a year' print out broken into days. I am doing the chronological order and I am already in May. Right now I am reading II Samuel, Psalms, and I Chronicals all together as they were written at the same time. There is a lot of repetition in the books but some of the stories explain a little more.

It's hard to believe it was only a week ago I had to go the hospital. This has been one of the longest weeks. I am so ready for warmer weather and spring and dresses and shorts. I also miss work. Guess I am blessed to have a job I can say that. I will also add that if I were at Vista though, someone would have come and got me and I would have been forced to work in this. So I guess I will not complain to much.

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