Monday, December 27, 2010


Overall, this Christmas has been one of the best. We celebrated with three days of family time. Thursday we went to Oklahoma to my parents house and then Friday at Steven's parents. On the way out of Arkansas we picked up a car we test drove the day before. Technically it wasn't a "present" because we were going to get one next month anyways because I drive everywhere for my job and needed something with better gas mileage. Steven had been looking online at a lot and found this one and a couple of others to go look at. This one I fell in love with pretty quick but didn't want to jump in impulsively so I told him we would go look at another and then make the decision. We did and I decided on the one we got. The inside was awesome. So we called the dealer back and said we would come get it the next day.

The kids got all kinds of stuff, enough for them to not to complain of boredom for a long time. Not that they really do that. Steven got to see his best friend Jason who is in the military and his wife and friend of mine, Ashley. It was a short visit but it was nice to get to see them both. Saturday we spent the day at home with just us. Now it's already the 27th and I realize the feeling that I have for weeks before Christmas is not because I don't want it to come, it's dreading the part when it's over. :(

Ryker's new lego and train storage play thing.
I actually put it together myself.

My new Bible. First one in 13 years.

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