Friday, December 17, 2010

Lazy Day!

Love these. One of the perks to my new job is that I get to set my own schedule. Since I started I made Fridays a no work day unless I am just doing stuff from home like notes and phone calls. For the most part I do my notes the day of my sessions so that leaves mostly phone calls and maybe emails. Today I have none... so far. This week has been on the more stressful end for this particular job. Had my first court hearing as a therapist. Different hat since I last testified which was as a caseworker for DHS. It's hard to believe I did that on a weekly basis and usually for at least 4 cases a week. Oy!

Tonight I promised the kiddos a Christmas Slumber Party. Their Daddy has been helping my Father in law on Saturdays in Oklahoma for work so he goes down on Friday night. Good news is each year he does this and we have no debt from Christmas whatsoever! So for the party we will be watching Christmas movies, eating popcorn, and making and decorating Christmas cookies. Yesterday was Gage and Kieran's Christmas party at school. Steven, Ryker, and I met them and took part as well. Today they get to wear PJ's to school. I am still in mine as I type this. :)

Yay to lazy days!

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