Friday, April 17, 2009


This week was pretty good. Work has been less stressful. Did get a bit of bad news in that the other acute therapist put her notice in, so looks like it may be myself for awhile after she leaves. Acute therapists are a rarity in this area. Currently I am one of 3 in Northwest Arkansas. 1 of 2 that works with adolescents. It's super fast paced, which is why I like it, but many struggle to grasp the short term therapy aspect of it. They don't teach emergency room therapy in grad school.

Although I wasn't that stressed this week I still noticed my patience for certain things has steadily declined. Mostly with personalities of people with either entitlement issues or attention seeking behavior. Both drive me bonkers and I see them way too often. I guess working with teens mostly that tends to happen.

On our way home from grocery shopping I got a chance to run into the house and grab our camera and get some shots of the awesome sunset tonight. It was breathtaking, and sadly the pics didn't capture the beauty as much as I would have liked. Here is one of the shots.


Tomorrow, I will head up to Ft. Smith where I will be an alternate playing with the Betties against RVRG. I cannot say how proud I am of this team and how far they have come since the start of the team. The league is continuing to grow and with it the atmosphere becomes more positive. So you know I am enjoying it. Lots of traveling is happening this summer and next season we have already gotten word we will travil to HAWAII in 2010. I have already started a Hawaii fund. Hawaii is definitely in my top 5 places to visit. #1 is Ireland, and I will go there one day... I will! Ok, I hear thunder and my mind is drifting. Time to sign off.

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