Saturday, December 03, 2016

Happy 13th birthday Kieran!

And just like that she is 13! Adding another teenager into the house. Ugh, this is so hard. We've realized in the past year that she has some talents that can/may lead her to a SNL side career. She's even utilized them in her Science class using a Trump impression for a debate (photosynthesis vs. cellular respiration) that had even her principal rolling. Wish I had that filmed. She's realized she would like to be a Speech Therapist when she grows up, after seeing her sister's journey. She's taken on running and the itch for high competition is there. She's adjusted to a new school and made lots of friends. Her first dance is tonight and she's excited. Hard to believe how fast time goes, I wish it would slow down just a tad. Happy birthday Kieran! We love you!

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