Friday, December 25, 2015

Kitchens Christmas 2015

Another great Christmas in the books in the Kitchens' household. Here are some photos from our busy day.

Ms. just waking up and seeing what Santa brought her. She wasn't sure what to think. 

My new running kicks. He did good. I wasn't expecting anything else besides my table. 

Her haul. She loves wooden toys. We didn't get anything this year that we had to put together and I really appreciated that. 

But of course she loves the boxes still. 

Gage's medal holder that Steven and I made, with some edging help from a friend. 

Oh boy! What were we thinking?

Granny and Pops came and enjoyed Christmas with us as well. 

Ryker and Kieran opening their haul. 

Feeding her baby that her Granny got her.

Gage's running mask. Santa got me a purple one. Now we can face the cold. 

Granny got him a drone. Looks like we will have to register with the FAA in January. 

It's been a great day! Still very appreciative of the greatest gift of all and the reason for the season. This year Jesus' birthday cake was a awesome Anded mint chocolate poke cake. It was amazing. 

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