Thursday, April 23, 2015

Finishing off the track season!

Gage finished up his track season this past Tuesday running in the 800 meter at the 9th grade conference. As only an 8th grader this was something he was excited about running in. He ran a personal best of 2 minutes 19 seconds and got 13th overall. Again pretty impressive for an 8th grader. Now he is taking a much needed breather before he and I run in the 5k next week. I ordered me some calf compression socks to help with my shin splints. This is one reason I hate longer distance running. 

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Gary Buchenic said...

I played basketball and soccer. In soccer I started getting really bad calf pain, and I just started basketball which is giving me horrible calf pain and my shins are starting to hurt too. However, my legs will hurt for around 5 minutes but feel fine the next 5 minutes and it keeps doing that until my legs start to get weak and they feel like jello. That is shin splints.
If you want to find out how your shin splints actually cause so many problems in the foot and ankle stay tuned to my blog.