Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1 in 500!

I don't understand odds. I shake my fist at the times I am on the losing end of the rare odd category. Then when it's on the positive side, we tend to think luck was on our side. Whatever, I still don't understand them. Ridlee is still doing great. Her belly button cord fell off just a few days after birth and left a umbilical granuloma. We noticed right away it wasn't "right" so we looked it up and called Doctor right away. It's not usually a big deal and we were taking extra care of it until we got her in for her weight check yesterday. They put silver nitrate on it and it might need another dose next week. Would you believe the odds of getting this is 1 in 500! I am just glad it was an easy thing to fix and hope this is the last time we end up on the side of bad odds for her. Heston we had some bigger bad odds issues and we were hoping to avoid those this time. A positive for her though is she is already back to her birth weight after only 1 week, with a half an ounce to spare. This is great. She is eating well, sleeping great...during the day, and wide awake, yet happy during much of the night. She is a content baby... knock on wood!

On the side of rare odds on the side of positive... I don't usually WIN things. Honestly, don't think I ever have won anything that was just random. Today I was on a parenting site and took part in a random game/survey thing. I totally thought to myself I had no chance of winning and almost ignored it completely. But I answered one time. You could answer as many times as you like and each response was another entry. Well I won on one response and got a $25 American Express gift card. I'll take it!

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