Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Why I am elated!

My high continues from yesterday. Almost feels like I have been drinking coffee all day, to which I am not. Why is this so exciting to me? Then I think about the time spent to get here.

4 years of undergrad in Counseling.
3 years of Graduate school for a dual emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and Community Counseling.
4 years of supervision while practicing. (I see this as the equivalent to a Doctor resident) That's 4 years of 6 month evaluations, reporting hours, and clocking an astounding 3000 hours in counseling.

All in all this is 11 years of school and supervision. Some physician programs take less time! And I am about to add another year of post grad work for my Play Therapy certification. I also completely forgot about my LADAC (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor) application, which has been ready since last year. I just need another huge check to send in with it. Ahhh, my head is still spinning.

On a similar side note, contract referrals are picking up! My other huge project with my joining my private practice into a small group one is moving along, at an almost super fast pace. The office is soon to start being built to suit our needs. I need to start getting my stuff asap! I am in the process of getting paneled for all the insurances I plan to take. It's a lot of stuff and at times I feel overwhelmed, but then I just remind myself to take it all one step at a time.


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