Thursday, January 06, 2011

Chicken Pox, dead birds, and other randomness...

Had our first and only case of Chicken Pox this week. Gage began showing spots on Sunday. No other symptoms other than the spots so that was good. He had a shot when he was younger. Ryker had his second shot a couple of weeks ago and we wondered if maybe that was the cause. Turns out there have been several outbreaks at his school. Luckily, he only missed three days of school and Steven got to stay home with him (I don't get paid days off like teachers do). He went back to school today and was actually ahead of where his classmates were because he finished a homework assignment that they were still working on.

On a totally different bird note. This is totally bizarre! Read down near the bottom to see where it all is happening. Not just Arkansas.

This week also marked the beginning of the 2011 derby season and I have already managed to pull a glute (butt) muscle. It's nice to be back in the swing again. Got me a new helmet finally today and some decent wrist guards. Had the same helmet for the past 2 or 3 seasons I think and I usually just buy cheap kiddo wrist guards. Our 4 home teams are making a splash and I am loving the competition it is bringing out in us. Good competition of coarse.

Tomorrow is my day off and Ryker and I are going to sleep in and just sit around relaxing. In the evening I am going to head over to my Captain Slamie's casa for some shirt decorating and hot tub hopefully. Maybe it will help heal by injured butt muscle. You know what it feels like when you get dead legged in the thigh? That's what it feels like in my left butt muscle. What do they call that? A dead butt!?!

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