Saturday, September 10, 2016

XC start 2016 and etc.

Both Gage and Kieran ran their first official meet of the season today. This was Kieran's first ever and Gage's first in Senior High Division. Gage ran his 5k at 18:37 and got 9th place. Kieran ran her 2 mile in 13:40 and got 8th in her division. They both did very well and we had a great start to the season. Gage, Steven, and I are all battling a cold. Luckily Gage is on the end of his. Mine feels terrible and this morning being in the rain didn't help. Sadly unlike him, I can't run that much when I feel like this. 

I noticed that I never posted on my birthday. I did officially turn 36 a couple of weeks ago. Didn't do anything major, just dinner and relaxing. 

I also forgot to update on Labor Day when Gage, Kieran, and I ran the Run for a Child. They ran the 5k. Gage got 2nd in his division and Kieran got 3rd in her's. I ran the 10k and got 3.5 minutes off my time from the week priors 10k with a 56:09 and got 4th place in my division. The week prior I ran the St. Jude's Fayetteville 10k with a hurt back and still it was PR up until this last race. It was highly unexpected. Time for that was 59:33 and I even got 2nd place. 

It's been an eventful past few weeks. 

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