Monday, September 26, 2016

Happy 16th birthday Gage!

I have a 16 year old! How is that possible!?! I have been saying that in my head all day and it still feels surreal. 16 years ago today I became a mom! His birthday is always bittersweet because he had a twin at one time. But I feel truly blessed that I have him. He is quirky, smart, talented, fast, and level headed (most of the time). He doesn't seem in a rush to get his license, hoards his money, saves coins, draws awesomely, and runs faster than I ever thought he would. He's very blind without his glasses/contacts. Blades of grass were not a thing until he got them. He isn't much of an animal person and fights with the two older siblings. But he is very sweet to his littles, Heston and Ridlee. I can go on, but it's hard to fit 16 years of personality in one post. Happy birthday Gage! We love you. Don't forget to do the dishes.

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