Sunday, July 10, 2016

New dog and recent race!

I have been horrible about maintaining the blog this year. You would think after 11 + years I would still be going strong. We have had a major change in the past month. We welcomed a new member on June 9th. Her name is Harley Quinn. She is a Border Collie rescue. She was at the shelter for 3 months before we got her. She was untrained and very high energy. She broke free 4 times within the first week of getting her and ran around the neighborhood before we caught her, crossing the highway one of those times (about sent me into a heart attack). She refused to come to us and I had to catch her after 20+ minutes each time. We decided to forgo the invisible fence we got and just bite it and fence the whole 1.5 acre backyard. We eventually wanted to do that anyways, might as well do it now. It should be done in the next couple of weeks. For the past 3 weeks Harley has made tremendous progress with her training and has learned various commands and is getting much better on her leash during her walks. She has been pretty easy to house train, with just a few accidents. Overall she has been a sweet and energetic addition to our family. She can relax in the house but expects her long walks in the evening and gets antsy if she feels she has to wait too long. 

Gage and I completed the 4 of the 4th race. Yes, we are late at posting. Gage got 3rd overall and I placed 3rd in my age division. My first top 3 placing. His time was 25:06 and mine was 36:02. Kieran and I will be running the insomniac 2 mile run next week. 

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