Monday, May 16, 2016

Run like a Diva (Branson) half marathon

I have been signed up for this race since December. My first destination race. This was before I signed up for the Bentonville half and didn't know at the time if I could do 2 in 6 weeks. When I ran the Bentonville one I ended up having issues after with runner's knee. Some days it was fine, others not so much, But it never fully went away. Steven, Ridlee, and I left on Saturday and the other kiddos stayed at home with Steven's parents. Our trip was fun and we got upgraded to a one bedroom condo for free. I am thinking because we were going to pay for late check out and they were too booked up to allow. We didn't find this out until I was about to run. Check out was 11:00 and was anticipating ending around 10:00, but didn't want to have to rush around. But had to anyways. 

Steven and I drove the route the day before to get an idea of what to expect. We couldn't get to all of it because some was on trails. The first half had all kinds of hills and I knew that was going to be brutal. I didn't know how much of the end of it went until I raced it. The elevation map didn't quite give a good idea of the amount of up and down that there was. 

I was shooting for a PR of under 2:11:40, but had no idea if it was possible because of the hills. I started off with a good pace in the first 3 miles, right before the big hill. And it was by far the biggest. I was able to run it without stopping and all others until finally in mile 8 when I realized they weren't stopping. I paused for short bursts of 10 seconds long and started again. Mile 9 gave a much needed reprieve and was mostly downhill. I was able to finally make up some time and use the momentum. They didn't offer gels on this race, but I brought my own and they were a different brand than I usually use. I had heard good things on Glukos gels being easier on the stomach. I was sick all day the last two half's and needed to try something different. These worked and they were more like a drink than a sticky gu. I highly recommend them. I took them at mile 6.5 and mile 10.5-11. I was trying so hard not to stall out in the last mile like I did in the past two races. I had even had a training run to 13 miles to help. But those hills on this race didn't quite allow for conservation. Right after receiving the boa and tiara at mile 12.5 I walked for less than 10 seconds to get more momentum to try and see if I could break 2:10. I managed to do it was 2 seconds with a PR time of 2:09:58. I was more than happy. I talked with another lady after that had run several half's including the Bentonville one, which she got under 2 hours in it. This one she agreed was far harder and her time was 2:08. Makes me wonder what I could do on a flat course. Looking at the results I noticed only 12 people got under 2 hours. That says something. I got 11th in my division and 46th overall. 

My knee started bugging around mile 5 but never got too painful to stop. As soon as the race was over and I stopped to talk to Steven, I could barely move. The backs of my thighs and feet started cramping up. I had to quickly get to the room to take a shower and stretch and roll before check out. We walked around the Landing and went and ate at Garfield's before making the home stretch home. My stomach issues have been non-existent, which is great. But I am by far more sore today than I was after the previous races. My legs, knee, and shoulders hurt. And it's Monday, which while I don't go to the office, where I can sit back, I have to stay home with the littles and do the SAHM thing. At least I don't have to dress up. 

Here are some pics from the trip.

Playing around with the tutu. I didn't wear it in the actual race, but most did.

Before and after. I felt like I was dying.

My medals. 

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