Thursday, May 05, 2016

1 year runaversary!

So today marked my running anniversary for one year. Last year I ran my first 5k at 31:06. This year I almost didn't run because I got a cold right after my long 13 mile run on Monday. Unfortunately right after I hit the 3 mile mark I started having a coughing fit and had to walk a bit. I still managed a PR of 27:37 and got 4th in my age division out of 64. Gage got 3rd in his and got a medal with a time of 19:46. He got 9th overall out of 1060. He's doing awesome. To also put some perspective on my fitness improvement I ran my last half marathon at the same pace I ran my first 5k. I have my third one in Branson in just over a week on the 15th. Prayers my cold leaves me and I'm at 100% would be appreciated. I don't have a pic of myself. Mind was other things. But here is Gage with his medal.

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