Monday, October 12, 2015

Slaughterpen 10k Run and Berryville XC dual day!

This past Saturday was a double dose of family running. I had originally signed up for the Slaughterpen 10k trail run months ago when Gage's XC schedule showed no conflicts. Well they since changed it and we had double duty and had to get a babysitter for the littles that morning. I ran my first trail run and a 10k one to boot. It was so hard. I had ran it up 4.5 miles before, but something about those last couple of miles killed. I was hurting in places that I never knew existed the day after. My overall time was 1:13. Not bad considering I was shooting for anything under 1:30. 

Gage and his team won their very first 2 mile Cross Country meet at Berryville. He got under his goal of 12 minutes and got 3rd place in his division, 12th place overall. This was the first official Cross Country meet for Haas Hall Bentonville, not including the Chili Pepper 5k last weekend. It was a fairly big 5k and had teams from all over the country. Gage got a side stitch and didn't do as well as he liked but still got a respectable time of 20 something for a 5k. He was much happier with this weekends run. He has another run a week from tomorrow at his former Jr. High. I will be running in 15k this Satuday, if I don't die. 

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