Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Coming into March with a bang!

Have I mentioned how much I loath winter? I mean I truly abhor it. We knew it was coming, but you always hope it's an over guess. This morning the schools made the call to close around 5ish. I waited to cancel my sessions, and when it continued to look like it was right there I cancelled. And then I get word it wouldn't start until 12. So I called my 10:00 and asked if they still wanted to meet. So I went in and at 11 the ice had started. I worried that I made the wrong call. I ventured home and luckily didn't wreck, but the roads were already slick. Temps dropped from 31 to 26 in the 20 minute drive home. 20 minutes is still pretty short, considering it normally takes me 12 minutes to get home. The ice is still falling and snow will start shortly. I just really want winter to go away. I miss warm weather, green grass and leaves, running outside, bbq's, and so many other things. Maybe not the bugs. Yeah, that's about the only thing I don't miss. Looks like tomorrow will also be closed. At least we got plenty of food and we are safe at home, unless the power goes out. Then, well... yeah. 

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