Wednesday, December 03, 2014

11 years! Happy birthday Kieran!

11 years ago I became a mother to a daughter. Some of those years were trying. She had quite the temper at 2 and 3. Luckily she grew out of that. Her stubborn streak is the same, but more aligned to using it for good. She is probably the most creative and expressive child I have ever met. Her writing ability by far exceeds mine. While I may have an imagination, I was never good at getting it in writing. Luckily she can and could be an author now, to which I am contemplating. 
Today she wanted to go shopping for her birthday. Already at that stage where clothes are what she wants. Then she wanted to go eat at Wendy's. She had her dad make her a sopapilla cheesecake for her cake and she even ate a piece for breakfast. Her one present to unwrap was her yearly birthday doll. This is her unwrapping it saying she knew what it was all along. 

Happy 11th Birthday Kieran! Love you!
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