Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Health and Happiness!

It's amazing how fast things are put in perspective when you or your loved ones are sick. Being a family of 7 there is going to be a multitude of illnesses that come around. None the less, it doesn't make it easier when it happens. 
Our latest sick rampage started exactly a week ago from today. I left my last session at 6 to go pick up my 2 youngest from church where Steven was helping to teach the youth. All was well until I got home and felt Heston. He had been somewhat "calmer" that day. I chalked it up to maybe he was just having a calm day. Sure enough, temp tested, and fever approved. Oy! It was pretty high and that was tested under the arm of a fighting 3 year old. With just having gone through the strep last month, I didn't want to take any chances and took him to Urgent Care/ER in Talequah as soon as Steven and the others got home. Of course I had to take Ridlee as she is nursing and there was tons of people there. Heston fought them doing anything with him. He hid his hands and wouldn't let them take O2, blood pressure, weight, temp, etc. Two hours later, multiple trips walking the stroller with Heston and babywearing Ridlee down the hall, and several Powerpuff girl youtube videos later we were called into a room. A quick check of his ears ruled an ear infection. A quick look in the throat supposedly ruled out strep, although there was no actual strep test. Antibiotics were prescribed and we headed home, exhausted. I got home and into bed around 1:30 a.m. 
The next couple of days with him was very testing. He was beyond his usual rowdy self. I even attempted a trip to the grocery store with him alone to get a few items. For the first time ever I had to leave groceries in cart and drag out a screaming kid. He fought so bad when we got to the car I had to call Steven for backup. Luckily he was there in 2 minutes. If I would have had Ridlee, I have absolutely no idea how I would have dealt with that. I am not a crier and can go months to almost a year without crying (it's sad, I know), but this managed to squeeze out a few tears from me. 
Friday I noticed Ridlee started running a fever. I immediately called her pediatrician before they closed and got her in immediately. Ears were clear and they actually ran a strep test which came back negative. She seemed otherwise ok, so they chalked it up to random virus. I brought her home and gave tylenol and motrin for a couple of days and the fever seemed to dissipate by Sunday. Thank goodness!
 Sunday I took the older 4 to the park around 4 p.m., while Steven stayed home with Ridlee. I pushed them on the merry go round and soon after Ryker puked. I thought he was just dizzy. Nope! When we got home Steven noted a fever and he was very lethargic. He wanted to wait until the next day to take him in, but I said "no" due his tendency to get sick fast with strep. Glad I made him take him in. The ER was even more booked apparently that night and they even got a buzzer. Ryker puked on and off the whole wait. His rapid strep test came back +. Here we go again. As sick as he was they gave him a shot of antibiotics vs. the oral meds. I was hoping it would work quick, but the boy was super sick for 2 more days after. It scared the crud out of me. He couldn't eat, constant fever, sleeping all the time, and still throwing up. There was a couple of times that we were about to take him back in and there would be a positive turn. He eventually got his appetite back yesterday and fever was completely gone by late last night. He finally got to go to school today. I realized that the boy needs his tonsils out because strep is deadly for him. I know some people get it bad and he is one of them. 
The thoughts that go through your head when you have a really sick child is the scariest one can have. Brought me back to when Heston was in the NICU for 3 days due to a fever on day 2 of life (turned out to be from dehydration). I feel my most vulnerable at those moments and everything I know about staying calm goes out the window. I still pray though. My mind is usually in constant prayer mode. 
Even though we are out of the dark right now, I am in constant fear now for strep. I even messaged Heston's daycare about my concerns as I am pretty sure he also had strep and got it from there. If this happens again very soon, I have no choice but to pull him out. I really don't want to do that. 
So now onto more positive notes. There was some shimmers of light and hope throughout this past week. 
* Gage tried out for the 1 mile run for his school as track season is around the corner, since cross country is over. He tied with another boy for a 5:33, 1 mile run which is now the school record. He was very proud of himself. 
* Ridlee continues to make daily milestones like crazy! She is into everything and taking more steps here and there and standing up in the middle of the room not holding onto anything. She has started drinking from a sippy cup since she doesn't like her bottle. She actually takes it very well. She also turned 10 months old this week. Here is a pic.

* I got Kieran and Zoe's birthday party invites made up and printed and sent out. This is a huge feat all in one week. The invites alone took 6 hours to make. I am loving this vintage theme. I also love that we are serving pies instead of cake. This might be a new tradition. 

* Heston, Ryker, and Ridlee are back to themselves. Crazy, energetic, kiddos. 

Right after he was feeling better.

So precious! Love when she sleeps. 

This was right before I had to leave for work one morning. 

My apologies for the long blog. But sometimes I can't make them short. 

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